May 23, 2011

Why should YOU join Bamboopink?

Bamboopink is the next generation of Direct sales!

Hold Virtual Online Trunk Shows, instead of Home Shows! You are NOT required to purchase a kit, but you can if you would like to hold Home Shows! The opportunity is YOURS to build how you want to

1. The 1st online jewelry company with NO FORCED home parties, meetings, etc.! (Most do NOT want meetings/parties but they ALL want to profit from the PERFECT womens startup!)
2. The strongest history behind any womens US startup! (Your new registrations are so lucky they have a history to promote that attracts all women when they google, "Jude Frances"! (Credibilty is priceless)

3. An opportunity to profit from ONLINE orders that are affordable, and EARN three pieces of jewelry OVER $40,000.00!

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